Can you print boxes with a glossy finish?

Indeed we can! We use a premium clay-coated white corrugated material called Dreamcoat™, which creates a gorgeous glossy sheen to the ink when printed. With the Dreamcoat™ finish, the unprinted areas remain smooth matte while the inked areas are glossy, providing a striking visual texture to your printing. The deeper the ink color you use, the more gloss you'll see, so this is best selected for designs with deep colors over significant portions of the box.

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What's the difference between Kraft, Standard White, and Dreamcoat™?

Kraft (brown) and Standard White are both matte. Premium, clay-coated Dreamcoat™ produces a lovely glossy sheen on the printed areas, while leaving unprinted areas matte for a striking contrast. Both Standard White and Dreamcoat™ are white on the inside and out. All are the same weight.

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Can I get a sample box?

Yes, we're good like that. Fill out this form with your name and delivery address and we'll send you a pre-printed sample for you to admire, hang on your wall, or use as a place mat. All you pay is shipping - the samples are free! 

If you need a custom-printed, custom-sized sample with your artwork, our minimum order is 1 unit (for corrugated boxes) or 25 units (for paperboard cartons), making it super-easy for you run a test and make sure your design is just right before printing the entire batch.

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