Mailer Box


Product with Great Quality and Value

Material with standard quality, popular in Vietnam with the best quality of import material.

3-layer corrugated carton box

A kind of carton box with 2 two smooth external surfaces and a middle wave layer. 3-layer corrugated carton box will be used for light small things

5-layer corrugated carton box

a kind of carton box with 2 two external surfaces and 3 middle wave layers. When printing offset on 5-layer carton, printers will add the printed paper on the carton surfaces. Content in that paper will contain images, brands, specifications and information necessary for consumers to know about the product inside.

7-layer corrugated carton box

A type of carton with two flat layers outside and 5 wave inner layers. The thickness of 7-layer corrugated carton box is often 15mm. 7-layer corrugated carton box is specially waterproof and will be used to contain heavy products that are easily damaged.

Choose your own material to coat your Shipping Box surface

Coated cover help your box make great visual impression. Moreover, this coated layer help your box have long live, lengthen its life span

Matte Coat

No shine, no light reflection. Bring silky when touching. Not feel slippery, peeled-off.


Glossy Coat

Help your card visit more shining and light-reflecting. Help printing color look much more refreshing.




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